The Great Pottery Throw Down

The “Great Throw Down” series on T.V. has awakened interest in pot-making (tho’ it was hardly a full, or accurate picture of the ancient craft !).  I’ve put 3 dates down when I can fit courses in, and may manage others later.  They’ll be first-come (i.e. deposit paid), first served.  (see ‘Courses’ page for details.)  Please contact us by phone or email rather than replying on the Courses page.  Ring 01773 603181 or email

An Appreciator !

“What a wonderful film this latest one is.

Sitting here, some 3,000 miles away, I am now transported back to Riddings, and to this unique pottery. The temperature of the kiln room, the smell of the drying clay, all sensed anew! Great to see and hear again.

Anyone who as ever wanted to learn about pottery and have a go at making something should visit John and Pat. They have created a perfect environment to nurture your innate creativity. This is an ancient knowledge, passed on by a master craftsman and teacher, and a rare opportunity to spend time well.”

Kevin Alanson