Welcome to our new website


We are the same pottery….hands-on….informal….workaholic….but with a re-vamped website, whose highlight is a batch of short films made by our delightful young friends, Carly & Martin. There is a film in textiles, one in courses, an introductory film about us and six more in pottery.

JOHN RIVERS is the potter, who has built his own gas kiln and digs his own clay locally.

PAT SMITH is the gentle presiding presence and occasional chef, who now pursues her passion of crafting with textiles.

We invite you to browse the films, leaf through all our pages, and visit us in person where  you can chat, watch, learn, maybe have-a-go, make up a formal party for an official ‘visit’, buy something unique, commission something.  Or come on a course….

See below for all our ongoing news.



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